Gift inspiration this season with our stunning 2024 calendar, showcasing Rachel Gillespie’s captivating photos of pristine New Zealand scenery. Perfect for staff, clients, and daily inspiration at home, work, or school, each purchase directly supports free counselling for young Kiwis through Gumboot Friday, and I am Hope.

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I am hope calendar

Join me in support of Gumboot Friday, and I am Hope


As we unite for a cause that truly matters. By purchasing a calendar, you’re acquiring a beautiful keepsake and directly contributing to free kids’ counselling. Every calendar sale goes straight towards covering the costs of counselling appointments, making a meaningful impact in the lives of young minds. Let’s make a difference together – one calendar at a time.

From the Gumboot Team:

Gumboot Friday, founded by mental health advocate Mike King, is a free counselling service for any young person in New Zealand aged 25 and under.

An overworked, underfunded, and under-resourced public mental health service has led to excruciatingly long wait times for young people needing immediate help. Our free counselling platform provides a bridge to rangatahi in need by breaking down the barriers of cost and wait times.

By supporting Gumboot Friday, you’re making a real difference, helping us keep up with the rising demand and ensuring every young Kiwi gets the mental health support they deserve.

About Rachel Gillespie 

Rachel is a single mother of three and a full-time photographer based in South Island. She has been through domestic abuse, women’s refuge, and family court and has worked with various services for her own family. However, she has been fortunate enough to have found her passion in photography and wants to give back to others. She believes this would not have been possible without the positive support she received.


Text or call 1737 any time, 24 hours a day. You’ll get to talk to (or text with) a trained counsellor, completely free of charge.